How to become an auto insurance agent for OSAGO

The OSAGO agreement can be concluded not only in the official representation of the insurer but also by contacting its representative. Consider the requirements for becoming an insurance agent in the auto insurance system, and the selection criteria for candidates who have expressed a desire to organize their business in this area.

Features of the broker and insurance agent professions

First, a little about the difference in terminology:

  • Agent – a private entrepreneur (individual); looking for customers interested in the insurance product, signing contracts.
  • Broker – An individual or legal entity that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller of OSAGO, who has a license.

Given these circumstances, it is necessary to consider their functions and requirements for appointment.

The insurance agent acts on behalf of and on behalf of the insurance company: he sells its products, concludes contracts, draws up the necessary documents, and accepts insurance premiums.

Responsibilities of an insurance agent

In all ICs, including the OSAGO sphere, the functions of agents are similar. The representative of the insurance company must:

  • actively look for customers, convincing them of the expediency of concluding a policy, since the acquisition of an auto citizenship policy is a mandatory requirement of the law for every driver;
  • conclude OSAGO agreements;
  • act as an intermediary between the insurance organization and the insured;
  • comply with the terms of the policy and accept insurance premiums;
  • analyze the features of the client base depending on regional conditions;
  • prove the profitability of the transaction, focusing on the benefits of available insurance programs;
  • go home to conclude contracts or make a deal online, using electronic PTS;
  • when working with a client, take into account the peculiarities of his reaction, perception, and ability to remember;
  • achieve mutual understanding in order to interest the client in the subsequent conclusion of the OSAGO agreement;
  • draw up paperwork when selling a car citizen;
  • correctly calculate insurance premiums, conclude policies, and be responsible for their safety;
  • inform the consumer about the features of the offers and conditions of the cost of insurance, depending on the selected product;
  • in the event of an insured event, determine the degree of risk, taking into account the circumstances of the incident;
  • assess the risk potential of an insurance payment;
  • consider customer complaints in case of disputes;
  • monitor violations of the conditions, taking measures to eliminate them;
  • ana£lyze the degree of demand in the region for OSAGO insurance services, taking into account domestic and foreign experience in insurance activities;
  • Interact with representatives of other organizations working in the field of OSAGO.

Note! The OSAGO agreement is concluded in electronic form, using a special program. The level of computer proficiency and knowledge of the specifics of working on the Internet is especially important. An accidental error when entering data will be the reason for concluding a new contract or applying to the court.

To become an insurance agent, a future employee must know:

  • state documentation regulating insurance issues;
  • instructions and regulations on the conditions of insurance activities;
  • features of various insurance programs;
  • legal bases of insurance business in the field of OSAGO, taking into account differences in regions;
  • valid terms and conditions of insurance;
  • methods for calculating insurance risks with an assessment of the amount of compensation;
  • Principles of the market economy.

In order to work successfully with the clientele, the representative of the insurer requires knowledge in the field of psychology.

Insurance agent commission

The amount of the agent’s commission varies, depending on the chosen insurance platform.

The most common ones are:

  • Guru works simultaneously with six insurance companies. The amount of remuneration ranges from six and a half to twenty percent, depending on the UK and the region;
  • – the advantage of working in this platform for an agent is high commission payments made immediately after the conclusion of the contract, and the ability to work simultaneously with five insurance companies. The range of remuneration limits also depends on the insurer and the region, ranging from eight to twenty-nine percent;
  • – the platform involves working with the maximum number of insurers (seventeen). The commission, taking into account the company and the region, ranges from four to twenty-four percent;
  • – works with nine insurance companies that promptly carry out insurance. It takes up to three minutes to issue a policy. Recognized as the most reliable and comfortable. Commission of insurance premiums – from three to twenty-four percent;
  • SIB – specializes in OSAGO; other areas are under development. The commission percentage of agents ranges from four to fifteen percent.

A successful company formation agent of an insurance company is, first of all, a competent specialist with comprehensive knowledge of the promoted insurance product and methods of insurance protection.

Salary directly depends on the concluded deals. The average earnings of beginners are about twenty thousand Russian rubles. An experienced worker earns up to seventy thousand. The average amount is within three hundred thousand Russian rubles.

Education and experience

An applicant for the position of an insurance agent is required to have:

  • secondary, higher or incomplete higher education, full-time students are accepted;
  • experience with people;
  • high communication skills;
  • Resistance to stressful situations.

Each applicant wishing to become a representative of the OSAGO branch must provide a resume with a detailed description of personal qualities, education, and work experience.

Beginners in the field of OSAGO are trained. The courses last three days, without payment, remotely.

Other skills and personal qualities

The future insurance agent must have the following skills and qualities:

  • easy learning;
  • susceptibility to the assimilation of information;
  • the ability to find a common language in conditions of cold contact;
  • motivation;
  • knowledge of a PC and the ability to work online in computer programs;
  • well-delivered speech;
  • presentable appearance
  • the ability to avoid stressful situations.

A special skill desirable for an insurance agent is the ability to work with a common clientele base, forming a personal one.

How to get a job as an auto insurance agent in large companies

At the beginning of the work, the insurance agent should study the conditions offered by large companies, choose the most suitable one, and contact the representative office of the UK.

Basic conditions for employment

To become an employee of an insurance company, when applying for a job, a questionnaire is filled out, with a detailed description of personal qualities and work skills. Interviews conduct with the security service and photocopies of personal documents and resumes are provided. If you have experience, references from previous jobs will not interfere.

Based on the data provided and the results of the interview, the insurance company evaluates the candidate.

If a positive decision is made, an invitation is sent to the applicant, a bilateral agreement is concluded, and the agent starts working.

How to become a broker of Ingosstrakh for OSAGO

In order to start brokerage activities in an insurance organization, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to obtain a license. This document is issued to an adult who meets the above conditions. A firm’s broker can be an individual or an organization engaged in intermediary activities between the firm and the insurance agent.

How to become an agent of an OSAGO insurance company in Rosgosstrakh

The work of an insurance agent is available to any person who has reached the age of majority, regardless of the place of residence, special education, gender, and age. He must send a questionnaire, pass an interview and conclude a contract.

RESO guarantee

To become an insurance representative of RESO Garant, you must:

  • dial the company number;
  • agree on the date of psychological testing and individual interview;
  • pass tests and an interview on the appointed day;
  • insure against an accident under the Personal Protection program;
  • complete a fourteen-day training course, with seminars and training on insurance issues;
  • after training, conclude an agreement order with partners of the regional company REKO-guarantee

To become an Alfa Insurance agent, you need to fill out a form on the company’s website indicating:

Any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of eighteen can become an applicant.

The insurance agent’s income is the percentage of the sale that he receives for each policy issued to the client.

Alpha Insurance

  • Email;
  • mobile phone numbers;
  • region of residence;
  • ways of communication.

The applicant is interviewed. If you have work experience, there will be no problems with enrollment. Newcomers are training and only after that, do they hire.

Single-agent or broker

A single agent or broker is a system that brings together various insurance companies that have signed an agreement between several parties and sell OSAGO policies to third parties.

The conclusion of a multilateral agreement is mandatory for all parties that are members of the PCA. Refusal to participate is regarded as a violation. Sanctions apply to the culprit, up to exclusion from the Russian Union of Motor Insurers, with blocking of the license for OSAGO.


OSAGO insurance agent is not just an agitator and a seller of policies. Its main duty is to increase the insurance culture of the population, with an explanation of the importance of civil liability insurance. Thanks to their active work, it has become much easier to purchase an auto insurance policy.

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